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Author: Priya Ashokkumar

Mangrove Forest of Muthupet

Muthupet is a town in Tiruvarur district, Tamilnadu.   It is located between Thirutturaipoondi and Pattukkotai, and around 360 km away from Chennai. The town lies adjacent to the Bay of Bengal and is in the southernmost part of the Cauvery delta. The rivers Koriayar and Pamaniyar join near Muthupet, and the lagoon is present by them. This lagoon covers an area of approximately 6,803.01 ha of which only 4% is occupied by well-grown mangroves. This place is well known for fishing finfish (koduva), shrimp and crab. The Muthupet mangrove wetland is a part of the Great Vedaranyam swamp. A wooden pathway...

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Andaman Bubbles- Havelock

Andaman Bubbles is a friendly dive centre located at Beach #5, at the Wild Orchid Resort on Havelock Island in the Andamans. They opened doors in December 2008, with a strong emphasis placed on safety, they offer professional quality service, but in a flexible relaxed manner. At Andaman Bubbles, they have a strong passion for the island and the sea that surrounds it. They follow the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) as well as Scuba Schools International (SSI) general standards and recommendations. They offer almost all SSI and PADI courses from recreational diving to professional diving! Additional facilities: Accommodation...

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Dandeli Adventures

Dandeli is a town in Karnataka, India. It lies on the western Ghats region. A big plus for Dandeli is you can visit this place all throughout the year! During the monsoons, you may see fewer animals and miss white-water rafting, but the place acquires a unique ambiance. Dandeli can be surprising to both the nature lovers and the adventure seekers. On a ride down the river, a variety of birds can be sighted. Hornbills flying around, kingfishers, darters, and egrets darting into the waters in search of food, serpent eagles, falcon, magpie, robin, bulbuls, orioles, woodpeckers, weaverbirds and much more....

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scuba lov – Havelock

Scuba is a lifestyle company specializing in recreational SCUBA diving, education, and dive trips. At Scuba, they care for the oceans and are passionate about diving. This reflects in the SCUBA practice. Any novice diver, student or certified diver diving with them will be looked after with care and attention. They want you to feel at home (above and beneath the surface), comfortable, safe and have fun in the process. They will give you the best experience, turn you into the best diver and give you memories that last forever. Above all, they ensure that by the end...

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Blue Corals Dive – Havelock

Blue Corals Dive Havelock is all about putting your needs first. All of their diving instructors are experienced, highly trained to make diving fun and thrilling. They offer a wide variety of courses, from the basic level all the way up to Professional. At Blue Corals Dive they are also heavily involved with reef conservation to ensure that Havelock stays, as it is… a paradise!small group packages in a very relaxing atmosphere. All our equipment is in top condition and our instructors are well qualified to service the scuba units. We assure you that we take you to a...

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