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Author: Priya Ashokkumar

Dewalokam home stay- Kochi

Dewalokam is the ancestral farm of Alilakuzhy family an ancient Syrian Christian family of Kerala. The family has an organic farm and tell you about the unusual trees and plants, many of which have medicinal uses. The word Dewalokam may be translated into “paradise”. Their concept is to retain the world as it was created by God, full of fruits and vegetables, milk and honey all produced organically without pesticides or chemical fertilisers. The area is tucked away beyond commercial rubber plantations in a secluded haven. Bounded by a tranquil river and nature reserve, you can choose to be as active or as relaxed...

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Bamboo Rafting in Chimmony

The dense tropical forests of Chimmony, shelter diverse flora and fauna. The dam across the Chimmony river offers a breathtaking view. Midway between Cochin and River Nila, Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in Thrissur district. Moist deciduous forests take up more than half of Chimmony landscape, while tropical evergreen and semi-evergreen forests fill the rest. The only human inhabitants close to Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary is about 200 people belonging to Malaya tribe. Many of them assist trekking and camping sites. One can do bamboo rafting in the nearby river, the scenic beauty of this place mercilessly steals your heart! Cost details:...

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Bamboo Rafting to Kuruva Island

Kuruvadweep is a small island in Wayanad. The bamboo raft is the only way to get to this island. After reaching the island the travellers are allowed to explore the island. You can do bird watching or take a dip in the natural pool there. By paying for the ticket to the island, you can have a bamboo raft trip! Cost details: The ticket is a bit expensive, but it is worth the trip! INR 1,500 and more Monkey’s words: There are no shops in the islands carry some snacks and water with you. Avoid throwing trash and plastic...

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Bamboo Rafting – Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is a protected area in Palakkad district, Kerala. The sanctuary has a rich diversity of animal life including Mammals 39 species, Amphibians 16 sp., Birds 268 sp., Reptiles 61 sp., Fish 47 sp., Insects 1049 sp. and Butterflies 124 sp. This sanctuary is also referred to as the “state capital for the massive gaur” by wildlife experts! Apart from all these fauna, you can also do trekking and other adventures activity here. One of such activity is Bamboo Rafting! This bamboo rafting is unique because, during the rafting, one can spot the animals of the reservoirs which...

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Nature Treks in Cherrapunji!

Cherrapunji is one of highest rainfall receiving place in India. If these hot summers are turning you crazy, pack your bags and take a trip to this wettest place in India! Apart from caves and waterfalls, there are also other natural formations where you could trek and hike, One of such formations is Double Decker root bridge! This trek is adventurous and obviously the expert level, so you should at the pink of your health and having an adrenaline rush to experience this! Trek Timing: Duration of this trek is 9 whole hours! where you will be walking for...

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