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Athirapally falls

Popularly known as ‘Punnagai Mannan falls’ or ‘the Indian Niagara’, Athirapally falls has been the backdrop for many south Indian movies. You can look at it from the top and from the bottom as well. You can take bath in the Chalakudy river too.On the way there are two other falls Charpa and Vazachal. In charpa falls the water plunges on to the road in the monsoon, so get ready to get drenched if you are visiting it in the rainy season. Vazhachal waterfalls is set in the backdrop of a lush green forest near...

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Grass Hills

There are no words to describe this bejeweled beauty which adorns the crown of Valparai. This is a paradise on earth. Forming a part of Indira Gandhi National Park, Grass hills is a remnant of the unique shola grasslands found only in the higher reaches of the Western Ghats. The shola grasslands are a unique ecosystem. A host of species found here, like the Nilgiri tahr and Nilgiri Pipit, are found nowhere in the world. The lush green meadows present there are those ones see in their romantic dreams. Patterns emerge in the unending carpet of grass a copse...

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Manompally Forest

This reserve forest is located at about 20 km from the town, this place is sure to get you stunned. Gently touched by the manompally river, this reserve forest provides adventurous treks, a high probability to sight some of endangered species. There is a rest shed on the banks of manompally river which doubles up as a base camp for those bent on adventure. Prior permission from the Forest Department...

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This is a dawn to dusk range hiking and rafting programme through some of the richest forest tracts of Periyar Tiger Reserve. Starting at 8 am from the boat landing, a mosaic of habitats will be traversed before the party gets into rafts made of bamboos. While rafting, keep your eyes and ears open to take in some of the beautiful visuals and captivating sounds. And photographers will get no time to take their fingers from the shutter button. Each team comprising ten tourists will be accompanied by an armed forest guard and four guides. Most of these guides...

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Lakshmi Shankar Mess

Organic and Traditional food LAKSHMI SHANKAR MESS LAKSHMI SHANKAR MESS …. Oh what a bliss … this is a true and interesting Organic restaurant …. with the organic Tag , dont think the food items are not tasty … in fact i tasted their Lunch meals today … Sutralam Suvaikalam – Natural foods in vogue in Coimbatore | News7 Tamil | Natural foods in vogue in Coimbatore | Suttralam Suvaikalam | News7 Tamil | Get a glimpse of how you can cook millet based food which is absolutely healthy for the body. Lakshmi Shankar Mess, Coimbatore – Restaurant Reviews,...

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