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Sea Walk in Andaman

Sealink Adventures

Your trip to Port Blair would be incomplete if you miss this one. Here, you literally walk the sea bed with corals and the colourful sea life giving you an interesting company. The organisers provide you with oxygen masks and train you well before letting you go scot free. Needless to say, a trip inside the blue wonderland will be nothing less than mesmerising.

Sea bed walking allows one to explore the brilliant marine flora and fauna off the Islands from extremely close quarters and more often than not, from within touching distance of fish, in their natural habitat. The Sea walk is experienced under the strict supervision and guidance of highly trained and internationally certified instructors who are with you throughout the entire experience. They ensure infallible and uncompromising safety while completely averting any difficult eventuality.

Activities offered:

Sea Walk At North Bay

Sea Walk is done on the smooth & clean sand of the sea floor. It’s perfectly safe. There is absolutely no water on your face (you can wear glasses or contacts while sea walking). Your makeup stays on, and your hair stays dry. A large full face window in the Sea Walker Helmet offers a close up view of the beautiful underwater marine world. You can see beautiful Corals & Play with Colourful Fishes.

Sea walk at Elephanta (Havelock)

The underwater Sea Walk is one of the most unique attractions that one must experience when visiting Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India. Seawalker Boat-cum-Pontoon is situated at Elephant Beach, Havelock which can be reached by regular speed boats, leaves from Havelock Harbour.

Scuba at Havelock

They offer professional quality services of Scuba Diving Activity, with a strong prominence on safety. They have passion for the island and the sea that surrounds it, also look forward sharing that passion with you as our Guest and Friends. They are introducing a one more adventure in the name of ‘Scuba Diving’ for you.

Contact details:


43 M.A. Road, Phoenix Bay, Port Blair 744102, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India

Phone : 9679578661, 03192 237040


Sea Walk At North Bay, Port Blair
Sea Walk At Elephant Beach, Havelock,
Scuba At Beach No.2, Havelock

Phone no : +91 9679578661, 03192 237040

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Sea-walking with Nemo in the Andamans

It’s been a while since I used this blog as anything other than a warehouse for my official writing, but since I’ve just returned from a very nice trip to the Andamans, here’s a recommendation for anyone who plans to visit those lovely islands in the near future.

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