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Pulicat Lake and Bird Sanctuary

Pulicat Lake and Bird Sanctuary

Pulicat LakeThe famous Pulicat Lake is the second biggest ‘brackish water lagoon’ in India .In Tamil , it is better known as Pazhaverkaadu, and is situated on the Coromandel Coast of south eastern parts of Indian continent. It is an ideal rearing ground for several bird species, especially endangered birds. Sixteen islands nicely enhance the topographical beauty. Almost thirty lakes are there adjacent to it.

Established almost 60 km north of Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh states comprises of borders .The Pulicat Lake is being separated from the Bay of Bengal by blockade of Sriharikota Island. Sriharikota is abode to the town of Pulicat.

The Pulicat Lake is 60 km long and varies from 0.2 to 17.5 km in breadth. The Pulicat Lake is narrow, and widely varies in area with the tides and cyclic rainfall, from ‘460 km in high water to 250 km in low water’.

>The Pulicat Lake has a rich wealth for eco tourism .The shallow lake is known for its variety of marine birds. Also it is the favorite resting ground for migratory birds. Every year, there are fifteen thousand flamingos, which throng the lake including spoonbills, pelicans, kingfishers, herons, painted storks, and ducks. Huge sea turtles build their nests on the beautiful banks of the Pulicat Lake.

A popular story is that Dutch and the British moored their ships on the Karimanal Village, which is located just opposite to the ‘mouth’ of the Pulicat lake. The famous Coromondal coasts got its name from there.

The Pulicat Town is situated near Pulicat Lake. According to the reliable sources, near Pulicat lake, there was a fort namely, Geldria at Pulicat, from where the people carried on trade with the British East India Company. A legend is that few Muslim families of Arab countries came here from Mecca in one of the four boats, which they have used after getting expelled from their countries in thirteenth century. In 1606 A.D. when a Dutch ship arrived on the banks of Pulicat Lake, these Muslims provided them with food.

Under the initiative of concerned authorities, much of the Pulicat Lake is sheltered as a wildlife sanctuary. However, the proposal plans including petrochemical compound, power plants, and a satellite port on Ennore creek, have aroused concern about the ecological balances of the Pulicat Lake. For the protection of Pulicat Lake the concerned authorities are taking initiatives.

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The Dutch Cemetery – Pulicat Lake, India.

This monument has gone around the sun 372 times and it still mourns for the dead, for the deceased and holds many stories to itself. These are photos from the Dutch cemetery, located at Pulicat Lake near Chennai. The Dutch were the first settlers at Pulicat using the lake as a means to navigate and transport goods. There are stories of outbreak of epidemics during the late 1600’s which caused many deaths in the town which included babies and children. This cemetery stands as a remembrance of the lost souls, kings and queens, soldiers and diplomats, the rich and the poor.


Flying angel

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.  :-)

Pulicat - Boating

Crab shelled!

Dutch Cemetery near Pulikat




Milky Way Galaxy

Pulicat scenery

serene I


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Chennai – Pulicat Lake | Tada – Road Trip

Its been a long time for me after Gudium Caves trip. So, I planned to take a trip towards Pulicat lake which is located in the TN-AP border. So, invited some friends and started the journey on a fine Sunday from Anna nagar, Chennai.

Day Trip to Pulicat

Trip members: Karthik and friends Trip date: 08 Apr 2017 Trip Plan : Chennai – Pulicat – Chennai A quickly planned trip to Pulicat – Palaverkadu lake with my team, friends and families. The trip started around 5 AM from respective locations across Chennai and we were in NH5 by 5:45, We drove towards Pulicat in Tamilnadu, planning to do boat trip to the Pulicat beach.


Pulicat Lake is a brackish water lake located near Chennai. Major portion of the lake lies in Andhrapradesh. Besides having rich fauna comprising a variety of fishes, crabs, prawns this lake also host a variety of flora. Algologists visit this lake for collecting marine algae.

Pulicat Lake Trip

We started from Chennai by 10 am by our Car to this place. It is around 60-65km to reach Pulicat lake. On the way to Pulicat first we went to Siruvapuri Murugan Temple. It is a famous and beautiful Murugan temple in the outskirts of Chennai.

Lazy Afternoon Ride to Pulicat Lake

I got a call this afternoon from my Friend/Bro/Teacher Prabhu who asked me if we could go on a ride somewhere. I asked him if he was sure to come along because he is still on medication, thanks to …

Tourists enjoy watching birds flock at Palaverkadu | Tamil Nadu | News7 Tamil |

Tourists enjoy watching birds flock at Palaverkadu | Tamil Nadu | News7 Tamil | Subscribe : Facebook: Twitter: Website: News 7 Tamil Television, part of Alliance Broadcasting Private Limited, is rapidly growing into a most watched and most respected news channel both in India as well as among the Tamil global diaspora.

Day trip to Pulicat lake from Hyderbad.

One Day, One Man and One Destination ? I suppose to attend wedding in Nellore and wanted to go in car so that I can enjoy drive. But my cou…

Pulicat Lake

It is nice to spend a day different by taking a boat and having picnic in an island and watching birds – which is something, disappoint me and I wish to visit Pulicat in winters to sight greater flamingos.

Meandering in Pulicat, a heritage tour on wheels

Despite being one of the oldest port towns in South India, Pulicat or Pazhaverkadu which is situated at about 55 kilometers to the north of Chennai and is soaked in multi-racial history has never garnered the kind of attention that Mahabalipuram or even Kancheepuram as has attracted among tourists.

Pulicat a.k.a Pazhaverkadu

I went on a trip to Hampi for 2007’s new year. I spent the new years’ eve on a train from Hospet to Bangalore, talking to a middle aged Bengali woman, a young English cartoonist and a businessman from Hospet who found it weird that the three of us had come to Hampi on our own for no specific reason.

puliat crabs

pulicat crabs

Pulicat Bird Sanctuary

There was an article in Hindu telling great things about Pulicat Bird Sanctuary and about flamingoes who have come there.The journey took around 1 1/2 hrs drive (80 KM from my house). At times my driver drove my Suziki Baleno at around 120 KMPH (A very high speed for the condition of our National Highway).

Pulicat- a lagoon, monuments and the Dutch connection

Published in One India One people magazine, April 2017 Quaint backdrop of the sea, waters of a brackish lake lapping at your feet, the town ofPulicat fondly called pazhaverkadu in Tamil entices you with its large lake and its unparallel history.

Chennai – Pulicat Lake – Pazhaverkadu – A joyful trip – Tamilnadu

One of the tourist spot around Chennai to be enjoyed within a day. This spot can be reached either through direct bus or train to Ponneri. From CMBT direct buses are available to Pazhaverkadu. If you are near the Central station of Chennai, taking suburban train to Ponneri would be best option.


Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


a continuation post of Pulicat Heritage Visit. During my previous visit I could not enter from east side due to heavy grown the vegetation. I had seen only the top of the vimanam from a long distance. This time we are lucky to see the temple.

NAADODI – Crab Hunting, Pulicat lake 29.12.2013 Thanthi TV

NADODI – Crab Hunting, Pulicat lake 29.12.2013 Thanthi TV Place : Pulicat Lake நாடோடி பகுதி 51 – 29.12.2013 இடம் : புலிகட் (அ) பழவேற்காடு


a Continuation Post to Pulicat Heritage Visit. The mosque Al masjid ul muzarraf ( அல் மஸ்ஜிதுல் முஷர்ரக்ப் ) was constructed by Mohammed bir sahib, Mohammed Ali Naina shaib and Mohammed bir Bakkir Shaib in the year 1708AD. And the sun dial was installed in the year 1915AD by Al haj Moulana Mohammed Sahib and Mohammed Abdulah.

Fish jumping out of water in Pulicat Lake

For more details about this and other adventures visit my website:

Trip to Pulicat lake

Wanna see both lake and beach at one place, then visit Pulicat lake. It was in mid May of 2014. We had no clue about Pulicat lake but planned to visit as it is the only place near by Chennai.Tried to recollect about Pulicat lake which we studied in social but no use.

Ride from Chennai to Pulicat lake – Kawasaki Z800 and Ninja 1000

Clips and pics taken during our ride from Chennai to Pulicat Lake . Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed it ! Thanks

Another sunrise and another new beginning

CWC Walk No. 204 | 03-11-2012 | Saturday | Pulicat Lake

Sri Logambikai sametha Paleeshwarar temple- at Pazhaverkadu near Ponneri

I had a quick trip to this temple today morning. The temple was built by Raja Raja chola in his grandmothers name, It has been rebuilt by o…

Beautiful Sunset and Birds at Pulicat Lake

It was beautiful sunset at Pulicat Lake.

A trip to Pulicat Lake – 2nd 100+Kms of cycling

This is what happens when you have some like minded guys not around , but in the same floor and in the office. After our FIRST 100+KM the same 3 guys started thinking of the next trip and this time we were planning something on the coastal route.

Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary

Pulicat is a small seashore township. Situated on the barricade island of Sriharikota which divides the Pulicat Lake from the Bay of Bengal, it is located at a distance of 18km from Sullurupeta, It is the second leading brackish lagoon in India-covering a total area of 720 sq km of which 84% comes in Andhra Pradesh and 16% in Tamil Nadu.

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