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Road Trip to Yelagiri

Road Trip to Yelagiri

Yelagiri is one of the popular weekend trips for the residents of Chennai. Located on a deviation from the Chennai – Bangalore highway, next to Ambur, is the Yelagiri hills, known for its calm, peaceful and a relaxed spot where you vent out your mechanical, busy schedule. The route map is Poonamallee, Sriperumpudhur, Arcot, Vellore, Pallikonda, Ambur, Yelagiri Hills. The hills have a lake at Punganur at the entrance of the town and a Lake park adjacent to it. There is one another park, opposite to the lake – Nature Park – which has a walking trail around the park and the dancing fountains in the evening. It is a paid show for 30 minutes only. Apart from these, there is trekking option available to Swamimalai peak and a lake at Nilavoor, which isn’t worth driving. The hills have a lot of hotels and cottages for the weekend kings.

To reach the Jalagamparai Falls, one has to drive to Tirupattur which is past Yelagiri and then reach the falls. There is also a trek route available from the hills to the falls. Be sure to check with the locals for water even on a rainy season before planning a visit to the falls.

The famous Star Briyani en-route at Ambur is a worth pit stop on the NH itself for the food lovers.

A nice weekend spot to drive to without many expectations.

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Yelagiri ghat road- Complete Video

Yelagiri is a small Hill station located in Tamilnadu. The road to Yelagiri is well constructed and punctuated with the milestones and signboards. Petrol pumps are sufficient, making travel convenient and easy. Here is the video of Yelagiri road. Audio Credits : To the owners of the song

Yelagiri Bike trip – Nov 2012

One day Bike trip to Yelagiri village Decided for a bike trip one complete day & finalized the place Yelagiri. Left home (Krishnanagar, W.Tamabram, Chennai) at 4:45 AM on 17th Nov 2012. Passed Sriperumbudur (20 KMS from Home) at 5:20 AM, as the road condition was not good, maintained a pace at 50 KMPH.

Chennai to Yelagiri – Economical and Enjoyable

Yelagiri is one of Tamil Nadu’s best kept secrets a great weekend destination located conveniently close to Chennai. It is a perfect place surrounded by orchards, rose gardens and green valleys. The up-hill drive, with 14 hair-pin bends, takes you through some spectacular scenery.

Road Trip- Yelagiri Hills, Tamilnadu.

6 friends on 3 bikes, Yelagiri hills is a treat to Road Trip enthusiasts. It took us around 4 hrs to reach. In between we stopped for photography and eateries. At a distance of 230 km from Chennai, 178 km from Bangalore and 94 km from Vellore, Yelagiri is a hill region in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, located in between the towns of Vaniyambadi and Jolarpettai.

The Ultimate Motorcyclist Zone

Trip Log- Chennai Yelagiri on Apr9-10. Total km covered = 575km in 2days. 14 hr on road. Route Chennai- Sriperumbudur- Vellore- Vaniyampadi- Yelagiri An unusual weekful of rain in hot and humid chennai stirred up some matter in my brain to plan a bike ride for the forthcoming weekend in the middle of a busy cubicle-work schedule.

Drive to Yelagiri and Jalagamparai Falls

Drive to Yelagiri It was a late decision to go for a weekend drive. As we wanted the drive to be smooth and visit unseen (rather undriven) places, we zeroed upon Yelagiri Hills. Yelagiri is a hill station near Jolarpet, in Tamilnadu. It is at an altitude of 1400 metres above sea level.

Hill Drive-Yelagiri

Hill drive on Weekend

Chennai to Yelagiri hills/Elagiri hills by road – Bike/Car/Train

Yelagiri is a small hill station to hangout over the weekend. It is even called the Ooty for not so rich people as it doesn’t makes you spend a lot out of wallet.

Road trip to yelagiri

Well …where do i begin .. there was an inner calling from the biker soul o mine to ride the highway on weekends than spend extra hours at work. Luckily things fell in place on 24th April (Sunday). Thanks to Vicky fr lending us a 200 cc Pulzar – true race horse!!

It had been more than a month since my visit to Jungle Lodges and the boredom of the daily routine meant it was time to head for another outing.

Bangalore Mirror had published an article on Nayakaneri last year, however after the site revamp the entire section “Quick Getaways” which showcases some of the offbeat locations around bangalore had been removed. The link I had bookmarked was not working and this meant I had to rely on Google Maps and directions from the locals to reach the place. This prompted me to do a recee of the route and joining me in this were Vikyath, Kumar and Karthik.

While checking the route in google I found another reserve forest, called Jawadu Hills. Googling further I found there is a falls nearby (Bheema Falls) which is supposed to have water for 8 months of the year and an Observatory (Vainu Bappu Observatory) which could be covered in a day, hence we decided to go there. Jawadu hills is part of the eastern ghats and has some scenic spots. Yelagiri which is another popular getaway comes in the same range.

A early start was us cruising along kolar highway with a stop at Adigas for breakfast. One needs to take the mulbagal-VKota road and head towards ambur. The smooth highway turned to a backbreaking ride for the next 20 odd kms as we were forced to avoid every size of pothole before we exited to a well laid stretch of road.

The road we entered was lined with a huge row of trees and made a nice setting to click some photos. A short break there and we continued and soon we were at VKota. Our next stop was pernambut and soon we were descending on a amazing stretch of road. We could see the eastern ghats at the distance and the descent couldnt help us from taking another break for some more photos.


Eastern Ghats


IMG_7489_resizeThe descent was done fairly quickly and once we entered pernambut we were again greeted with another wonderful stretch of road with trees on either side. With such wonderful roads and scenary it was time for another photo break. Couple of solo shots and it was off to jawadu hills


We reached Ambur by 12 and asked for directions upon which we were told to go to the highway and ask for directions which is what we did. One of the auto drivers we asked told us to go back a little distance and take the service road going to thirupattur. The shop keeper whom we asked for directions told us the falls is dry and the observatory may or may not allow us inside. If we are looking for a relaxed holiday he asked us to visit yelagiri which was around 30 kms. With no other options left we decided to head to yelagiri.

India - Yelagiri Hills Adventure Camp - 08 - paddy fields bordering the camp

The 30 kms drive was done in a hour and half just in time for lunch. Upon inquiring the places to visit, we were told there is a lake and a trekking place 4 kms down at a village called mangalam. Instead of wasting time at the lake we headed to mangalam village. One of the villagers told us about Swamy malai which seems to be a popular trekking spot whose trail begins just behind the cluster of houses.

The inital trail is through a field and we could also see another hillock at a distance.

The climb began shortly and it seemed to continue forever. The pace was slow as we had just had our lunch. Climbing for an hour or so we reached the top where we could see the temple.

Resting for a while we headed back down and to the car, thus completing a good trek. It was a long drive back to bangalore and to the daily routine thus concluding a day well spent on the hills

Snaps can be found here


Yelagiri Lake

Bangalore to Yelagiri. Sunday ride

A glimpse of our Sunday ride to Yelagiri on 13 September 2015. Music : Animus Vox, The Glitch Mob

Drive to Yelagiri and Jalagamparai Falls

Drive to Yelagiri It was a late decision to go for a weekend drive. As we wanted the drive to be smooth and visit unseen (rather undriven) places, we zeroed upon Yelagiri Hills. Yelagiri is a hill station near Jolarpet, in Tamilnadu. It is at an altitude of 1400 metres above sea level.

Landscape From Yelagiri Hill Top


Bangalore to Yelagiri – A Day Trip – Team-BHP

This is my first post the Travelogues forum. I would like to share the recent day trip I had from Bangalore to Yelagiri Hills. Yelagiri is a hill station around 170 Kms from Bangalore close to Ponneri

Driving Down Yelagiri Hills to Bengaluru Road Trip | Toyota Innova | India| Part 5

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Bangalore to Yelagiri – Trip experiences

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Yelagiri Lake

travel memoir’s de confused mallu

This post is dedicated to that lunatic fanatic biker “Rameez Latheef”. “ollathu kondu onam polae”-Malayalam proverb meaning live like a king with what you have. If you have a Yezdi bike and enough money for filling the insatiable hunger of that powerful beast then you really can become a king on the road.

A road trip from Bangalore to Yelagiri Hills in Tamil Nadu (South India)

In this video, we capture a few moments from our road trip through the hills of Yelagiri in South India. Hi-res images : Please hit the thumbs up button and share the video. Subscribe to the channel to stay updated. Thanks for watching.

Yelagiri – A big disappointement

I don’t even remember when I traveled last. When an opportunity presented itself and we got everything prepared for the upcoming vacation trip to Yelagiri, I was all excited. I really got my hopes up and was dreaming of green scenic visuals and cool breeze blowing over my face.

Jalagamparai Falls

Yelagiri Hills Tamil Nadu

Ride to Yelagiri Hills Yelagiri is a hill station about 150kms from Bangalore, just off the Krishnagiri-Vellore road. An ideal weekend spot for tourists looking for less crowded and peaceful place near to Bangalore.

Yelagiri – A hill station you must miss

Bangalore to Krishnagiri to Vaniyambadi to Yelagiri to Hogenakkal to Bangalore – 550kms – This time its Yelagiri It was more than 2 months now since we went on a trip. I was also trying to search for places near Bangalore where we could camp (mount a tent) and spend a night or two.

Jalagamparai Falls

Yelagiri Trip

We did this 1 night, 2 days, road trip to Yelagiri on January 2 & 3, 2011. Distance Bangalore (Bommanahalli) to Yelagiri is about 160 KM. The drive should take about 2 hours 45 min. to 3 hours. Route – Go up to Krishnagiri, turn left towards Chennai.

Jalagamparai waterfall, Yelagiri, TN

The Yelagiri trek…


We started our vacation by driving to Yelagiri, a small town in the mountains, which lies in Tamil Nadu. It is a very basic place, and it is difficult to find anything to do here. The amenities are basic, but the people are warm and welcoming. And, the Kamat’s outlet on the Highway serves the best, hottest, crispest vadas, I’ve had in a long time :).
Luckily, we had Radio One (Bangalore FM channel here) and our music CDs. There was internet and mobile connectivity too ;-). One advice to anyone venturing to this place by car — Carry your own alcohol, water and snacks. Alcohol is very difficult to find and extremely expensive, and you will have to walk miles to get branded water.
This is a great place where one can just relax; don’t expect to do too many other things here. They really need to work on the cleanliness if they want more people to visit them. And, btw, it is a hill station, yet the weather was almost like Bangalore’s. It seems the place buzzes only on weekends, and on weekdays they don’t even switch on their beverage coolers. So, we had to bring our drinks to our resort’s kitchen fridge to chill :).
We heard that there was this nice 4-km trail which went up in the mountains to Swamimalai. We are always game for a good trek. So, Gurdev and I woke up real early and embarked on this trail on a Tuesday morning. Except for a few villagers at the base, there was not a soul to be seen on the way. We enjoyed the seclusion, greenery and the peace around us. I think, it was a wonderful place to meditate. We were nearing the summit on this mountainous path when we heard heavy thuds. There was a warning sign in Tamil at the base about cobras, elephants etc., but we surely did not expect to see anyone. In the clearing, I saw a huge gray wild elephant who could not see us. The thuds were the sound of his feet. I have not come across a wild elephant, and we did not know how he would react. We suddenly realized that we were only the two of us there. Suddenly, Gurdev caught my hand and we started bounding downhill as silently as we could. We heard the thuds for some distance, but we overran it. I think the wild chap had not spotted us, or did not find us interesting enough :).
We stopped only when we reached a slope where there was a farmer tilling his land. We laughed at our little adventure and made our way back to the car. Though, I must admit that I was a little scared.
So, this was the most exciting part of Yelagiri trip. Oh, I forgot to mention this fabulous Ayurvedic body massage I had at the resort. Amazingly relaxing! The header pic is also clicked in Yelagiri.
We packed our bags and moved on to our next stop Hogennakal falls.

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Swamimalai hills, Yelagiri, TN

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