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Bamboo Rafting – Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Bamboo Rafting – Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is a protected area in Palakkad district, Kerala. The sanctuary has a rich diversity of animal life including Mammals 39 species, Amphibians 16 sp., Birds 268 sp., Reptiles 61 sp., Fish 47 sp., Insects 1049 sp. and Butterflies 124 sp. This sanctuary is also referred to as the “state capital for the massive gaur” by wildlife experts!

Apart from all these fauna, you can also do trekking and other adventures activity here. One of such activity is Bamboo Rafting!

This bamboo rafting is unique because, during the rafting, one can spot the animals of the reservoirs which includes elephants, Guars, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Hornbill, Nilgiri Langur, Wild dogs, Leopard, Crocodile and perhaps the king of jungle – The Royal Tiger may join this elite list also.

The tickets may be obtained either from the Information centre, Anappady and Parambikulam.

Cost details:

Maximum 5 visitors are permitted/ trip with 4 boatmen. Wearing of life Jackets is mandatory for the person taking raft ride. The charges are INR 100/ person/trip for thirty minutes. Maximum of 5 persons/trip.

INR 100/ person/trip for thirty minutes. Maximum of 5 persons/trip.

Wildlife & Wildlife tourism in Kerala

Kerala is a narrow stretch of crescent shaped land in the south west corner of India with mountains, backwaters, sea coast etc. The Wildlife of Kerala is restricted to the western ghats mountains – a biodiversity hot-spot. To take the challenge of conservation and population pressure , the forest authority of Kerala introduced wildlife and nature tourism in protected forest.


Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary Photos Kannimara Teak is really a visual splendor which will please not only our eyes but also expand out chest out in pride witnessing the largest living Teak on mother earth. It has an unbelievable girth of 6.5 mtrs and it needs atleast 5 adult persons to encircle the trunk with their stretched arms. Be a party to this natural history and heritage.

Entrance to Parambikulam Tiger Reserve Palakkad

Entrance to the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve in Palakkad district of Kerala.For more details click on –



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Tribal boy


I'll be back soon...

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Journey to the island nest

A night out at Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary Part 1

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before sunrise


wild elephants at parambikulam tiger reserve, kerala

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vernal hanging parkeet


Parambikulam Visit 048

Bamboo Boat Rafting in Parambikulam. Palakkad. Kerala

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parambikulam Dam (2)

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Parambikulam Tours

Parambikulam Tours

...the place where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man  ..
Parambikulam Visit 046

Wild gaurs @ parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Palakkad, Kerala

Wild gaurs @ parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Palakkad, Kerala

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Parambikulam Lake

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Bamboo Rafting @ Parambikulam

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Doorway to Getaway

Getaway to Parambikulam including Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Palakkad, Kerala, India, Parambikulam Dam, Parambikulam Road, Muthalamada South, Kerala, India

INTO THE WILD- PARAMBIKULAM TIGER RESERVE – Travel tales of a dentist and a banker

An uninhabited little island all to yourself, no cellular network, no electricity, wood fired food and surrounded by wildlife. Sounds pretty much like a dream. Doesn’t it? In short, I am talking about Parambikulam Tiger Reserve in Kerala.

Topslip Tourism | Topslip Resorts Booking | Topslip Treehouse Booking: Parambikulam Resorts – A Best Wildlife Tourist Place

Parambikulam Resorts / Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is the most protected ecological piece of Anamalai sub unit of Western Ghats, surrounded on all sides by protected areas and sanctuaries of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the sanctuary is endowed with a peninsular flora and fauna which are excellently conserved due to total protection and minimal human interferences.

பரம்பிக்குளம் – Parambikulam

பரம்பிக்குளம் நண்பர் ஒருவரின் திருமணத்திற்காக கோயம்புத்தூருக்கு நண்பர்களோடு சென்னையிலிருந்து இரயிலில் பயணித்தோம். கோயம்புத்தூரிலிருந்து பரம்பிக்குளம் 96 கி.மீ Tempo Traveller ல் பொள்ளாச்சி, டாப்சிலிப் வழியாக சூடான காபியோடு தொடங்கியது எங்கள் பயணம். பொள்ளாச்சியில் சாரல் மழையும், டாப்சிலிப்பில் யானையும், குரங்‌குகளும் மற்றும் இதர பறவைகளும் குரலெழுப்பி இனிதாய் வரவேற்றன. டாப்சிலிப் சோதனைச்சாவடி தொடர்ந்து அதே பாதையில் பரம்பிக்குளம் நோக்கி இதமான இசையோடு மிதந்துச் சென்றோம்.

Parambikulam “Pride of Palakad”

We had read quite a lot of good things about Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary and had been yearning to visit it for quite some time and ultimately the desire became a reality as we were able to plan for a long weekend to this place.

Parambikulam Jungle Trek

Me and my cousins were planning for a weekend trip. We were discussing on where to hangout for the weekend. Finally, we decided to go to Pollachi – Top Slip and Valparai. So I searched throught the internet to find details about these places. Somewhere during that search, I found a place called ‘Parambikulam’.


The dime-sized frog with bloodshot eyes stood still as it contemplated its next move while two pairs of eyes peered at it intently. My guide held up his palm animatedly, as if he had just been asked by a child to freeze momentarily.


On the 27th of Jan we spent the night in the Parambikulam Tiger reserve. This was the main reason that we left the easy life by the sea side and travelled for hours on end along winding roads through the Western Ghats because we’d read how wonderful this place was.

Parambikulam Trip from Chennai

Parambikulam Trip from Chennai – July 2009 We had been recently on a trip to Parambikulam, the wildlife sanctuary in Palakkad (Palghat) district of Kerala. It is adjacent to the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu. 8 of us started the journey on a Friday evening by train from Chennai to Coimbatore at 9…

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