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Mangrove Forest of Muthupet

Mangrove Forest of Muthupet

Muthupet is a town in Tiruvarur district, Tamilnadu.   It is located between Thirutturaipoondi and Pattukkotai, and around 360 km away from Chennai. The town lies adjacent to the Bay of Bengal and is in the southernmost part of the Cauvery delta.

The rivers Koriayar and Pamaniyar join near Muthupet, and the lagoon is present by them. This lagoon covers an area of approximately 6,803.01 ha of which only 4% is occupied by well-grown mangroves. This place is well known for fishing finfish (koduva), shrimp and crab.

The Muthupet mangrove wetland is a part of the Great Vedaranyam swamp. A wooden pathway has been built for the tourists to enjoy the mangrove forest. During the monsoon season, a large number of birds migrate here from all over the World.

Eighty different species of migratory birds congregate here having travelled a long distances.

The birds come from Siberia, Russia, Iran, and Europe. Among them the notable species of birds are:

  1. heron
  2. Egret
  3. Flamingo 4.
  4. The painted stork 5.
  5. Pelican 6.
  6. Teal and
  7. Tern.

Another intresting news about this place is that the lagoon present there can be reached only by the boats from Muthupettai. So you have a bonus boat ride to make this trip a even  more memorable one.

About the boating:

The boat is a mandatory one to travel around the island, the boating facility is taken care by the Tamilnadu Travel and Tourism Department, hence don’t worry about the additional service charges!

The boating is done in groups, so have a little patience for your turn! No small and individual boats are available, you will have 12 seaters+ boat only!

You may also get a chance to see jelly fishes, flying fishes and other varieties of birds and marine life during the boating sessions!

Cost Details:

The 12 seater boat cost around INR 1500

Parking costs around INR 30

You will have to pay additional for the permit.

Monkey’s words:

  1. These place is must see in the monsoons.
  2. If travelling in the summers, make sure to keep yourself safe from the scorching sun.
  3. carry your own water bottles.
  4. Hire a boat with closed roof or a canopy, this make keep you in the shades.
  5. Keep your kids under your strict supervision. (though not recommended for the naughty ones!)


Muthupet Mangrove Forest | Lagoon

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muthupet lagoon

முத்துப்பேட்டை லகூன்…அலையாத்திக்காடுகள்…திருவாரூர்

Muthupet Lagoon/Mangrove Forest in Muruganatham with my friends

Muthupet Lagoon/Mangrove Forest – முத்துபேட்டை லகூன் (அலையாத்திக் காடு)

2697  - flame-backed woodpecker

2699 - brahminy kite

847 muthupet mangroves

852 fishing in the lagoon


2702 - Indian roller

Muthupet Lagoon/Mangrove Forest – முத்துபேட்டை லகூன் (அலையாத்திக் காடு)

முத்துப்பேட்டையில் சதுப்பு நிலக்காடுகள் பற்றிய குறும்படம்

Alayathy, Mangrove Forest

A trip to Alayathy Mangrove Forest (Muthupet), a wonder habitat happened to be situated nearby my home town…

Muthupet Lagoon Tiruvarur

Muthupettai Lagoon known as ‘An EcoTourist’s Haven’ in Tiruthuraipoondi Taluk and Tiruvarur Distrcit in Tamilnadu, India covers an area of approximately 6800 hectares of which only 4% which is roughly 272 hectares are occupied by well-grown mangroves. The rivers Paminiyar, Koraiyar, Kilaithankiyar, Marakkakoraiyar and other tributaries of the river Cauvery flow through Muthupet and adjacent villages.

Udayamarthandapuram Birds’ Sanctuary – Muthupettai Mangrove (Thiruvarur – Tamil Nadu)

During a stay at , I was directed by the locals to Kodikkarai (Point Calimer) . However, my mom said, “Let’s go to Muthuppettai Mangroves”. Hmm… Why not…Why to dump myself in Kodikkarai where everyone else does the same, when a lovely secret place is available.

Pongal at Point Calimere – the mangroves of Muthupet

Muthupet is a huge lagoon to the west of Kodiakarai, where we were camping. I learnt from this article in The Hindu , that Muthupet is ten…

Muthupet Lagoon

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Coromandel Cruise

Accompanied by my gracious hosts, I boarded a small fishing boat just a few meters from their house. A pot of water and several boxes filled with mouth-watering delicacies were loaded on the boat and we set out to explore the mangroves and lagoons of Muthupet.

Tamilnadu Coastal Trip

Warning : Long post. I had been planning this trip since 2005. Initially it was supposed to be with him in a motorbike, upto Kodiakkarai. For some reason or other it never happened. Then I moved to Tuticorin and the trip was forgotten.

Fly-away2 : Point Calimere and Muthupet Mangroves {Oct, 2008}

I guess i could call this ‘fly-away’ as part group and part lone adventure! It was not a planned trip as such. It started off with a strong urge to escape from Bangalore and some recurring thoughts, combined with an equally strong urge to visit Point Calimere once again.

Muthupet Mangroves and Lagoon

Institute for Ocean Management, Anna University had observed that there is a marked degradation in mangrove forests comparing wetland maps of 1989 and 1996. Mangroves have degraded in density at some of the places and have disappeared in several other places. The degradation has occurred mostly in sparse mangrove forests due to the expansion of saltpan and human activities.

Muthupet Mangrove Reserve Forest and Lagoon – An Enchating Place for Eco-Tourists

Muthupet is situated 330 km south of Chennai city and lies close to Point Calimere on the southeast coast of peninsular India (Latitude 10 046′: Longitude 79 0 51’E).It is at the southern end of the Cauvery delta, covering an area of approximately 6,803.01 ha of which only 4% is occupied by well-grown mangroves.The rivers Paminiyar, Koraiyar, Kilaithankiyar, Marakkakoraiyar and other tributaries of the river Cauvery flow through Muthupet and adjacent villages.At the tail end, they form a lagoon before meeting the sea.

Living Lagoon….March 2010

10th March 2010 With fresh cold air and rising sun, the muthupet mangrove forest has showed again its enchantic view that lured my mind to walk with my DSLR… some clicks are here… A spider web in Koraiyar creek These two mangroves are established on the sediment that was accumulated by the oysters.

Boatride at a wedding not held at the Big Temple

The one line thread :- A bunch of guys go on a road trip from Chennai to attend the wedding of the brother of their friend at Tanjore, stopping off at Mannarkudi for a day before attending the wedding.

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