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Off-Road Sports is an ATV(All terrain vehicle) club to entertain and to have a different experience in sports for all ages above 6. The club will have fun filled and thrilling track to ride all kind of ATV’s from 50cc to 1000cc powered. Trainers will be available to guide the new users. Safe enough to allow your entire family to enjoy.

The ATV activity is provided on three types of landscape,

  1. On tracks
  2. Beachside
  3. Woods side etc.

Cost Details:

The cost also differs according to the landscapes,

  1. On the tracks, the Price starts from Rs.400 and goes up to Rs.2500 for track ride depending upon the cc of the bikes/RZRs you choose and also the number of laps.
  2. On beachside,
    • 5kms – Rs 2000*
    • 7kms – Rs 2500*
    • 10kms – Rs 3000*

    * Prices mentioned are for 200cc Polaris ATVs.

  3. On woods side,
    • 7kms – Rs 2500*
    • 10kms – Rs 3000*

    * Prices mentioned are for 200cc Polaris ATVs.

Contact details:

OffRoad Sports
168/17 Pattipulam on ECR,
East Coast Road,
Driving directions: 6kms after crocodile park. 8kms before Mahabalipuram on ECR.
Email id :
Mobile No : 9840922122 or 7708688123

ATV, Jet Ski, Boating, Paint ball in Chennai – Offroad Sports

Off Road Sports is situated along the East Cost Road, 2kms from Dolphin city, 8kms before Mahabalipuram, Chennai.It is one of the most favorite hangout spots in Chennai if you are looking for outdoor sporting with your friends. They also offer discounts for Corporates.This is one of the spots that attracts the Chennai tourists.

ATV trail at Chennai ECR

ATV trail for the first time in Chennai ECR. We have ATVs from 50 cc for kids to 700 cc for experts.We offer you various tracks , Adventure trail, Racing tracks etc. High end ATVs are given only for club members after proper training program. Kindly Visit us for more info….

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