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Beach adventures – Chennai

Beach adventures – Chennai

Beach Adventures prides to be the first of its kind in Chennai offering an ultimate experience of adventure and thrill both on the choppy waves and the sandy beaches.

Chennai, with its world’s second longest natural urban beach, there is always a longing for adventure water-sports. Knowing the thirst for thrill among the Chennaites and the Chennai tourists, Beach Adventures has come up with a perfect solution for thrill seekers by offering a wide range of activities from the Jet skis to the ATVs giving you the opportunity to explore the soft sand and the crystal blue sea on your own.

Activities offered:

  1. Jet ski
  2. ATV
  3. Floaters
  4. Fishing


They offer two packages with respect to the distance

  1. Adventure rock to ideal beach, and
  2. Adventure rock to GRT

Contact details:

Beach Adventures
169/17 Pattipulam, ECR, 5km from Crocodile Park,
Chennai – 603 104.

Call Us: +91 9543311999 | 9840922122 | 9629249999

Dolphins spotted at beach adventures chennai

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