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Laser Gambit – Chennai

Laser Gambit – Chennai

Laser Gambit is an amusement services pioneer in India. They provide fun and spirited lifestyle options to our customers. They also emphasis is on adventure sports, team games and confident building activities that enliven both mind and body, sustaining a reputation of quality through excellent service, customer care, and a friendly, professional staff.

LaserGambit strives to provide new and exciting outdoor and indoor activities like laser tagging, kayaking, biking, water sports to name a few.

They provide complete range of services including facilitation services, training programs, conference rooms, food and beverages to corporates, youth and communities.

Activities they offer:

Laser Tag

Experience the rush of live combat simulation with state of the art taggers. Mission-based strategy games such as Capture the Flag, Official Escort, Domination,and Hostage Rescue are designed to keep your adrenalin up and make you hungry for more. Book us now to play at your venue and your convenience.

Real escape room:

It brings real escape game to India, giving you an unprecedented entertainment. Apart from the sophisticated designed rooms, the delicate scenarios enable players to imitate the roles in movie stories. You have to find the hints to solve the riddles and escape from the room within the limited time, or you will have to bear an inconceivable aftermath!

Contact details:

123, Nungambakkam High road
Chennai, India

Phone: 9952999302


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