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Trip to Pulicat lake

Trip to Pulicat lake

The Pulicat is the second largest lake after chilika at the east coast, which opens at Bay of Bengal. It is a natural harbour, bordering Andhra pradesh and Tamil Nadu. It was once a grand port for Portuguese, Dutch and the British. If looking for regular and comfort level tourist spot, pulicat is not the one for you.

Highlight is the beach which is an 30 min boat ride from Pulicat backwaters.Clean beach! If you are lucky you might see few migratory birds in the backwater area.

The boats aren’t government boats but are the boats of the local fishermen and they are nice and genuine, so cost won’t matter to you much. This place is famous for its flamingos and winter is the best time to visit this place.

Common birds spotted there are:

  1. Eurasian kestrel.
  2. White Eyed Buzzard.
  3. Western Marsh Harrier.
  4. Black Winged Kite.
  5. the common Shikra.
  6. White bellied sea eagle.
  7. Crab plover.
  8. Temminck’s stint.
  9. Greenshank  etc.

Cost of boat ride:

approx Rs. 1000/-

Monkey’s words:

  1. Good place to go for a day’s trip.
  2. No washrooms, no restrooms so prepare yourselves accordingly.
  3. Good for bird watching, get your own binoculars!
  4. No lighting facility in the beach, so plan a day time visit.
  5. Get all the needful in chennai or any nearby towns!


Beautiful Pulicat lake early morning

Pulicat Lake (palaverkadu) is the second largest brackish water lake or lagoon in India, after Chilika Lake. It straddles the border of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu states with over 96% of it in Andhra Pradesh and 3% in Tamil Nadu situated on the Coromandal Coast in South India.


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