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Kovalam surf club – Kovalam

Kovalam surf club – Kovalam

The Kovalam Surf Club is located in Kovalam, Kerala, India and was founded in 2005 as a part of the bigger NGO SISP. The Kovalam Surf Club started off with 3 old boards and 5 to 10 kids, eager to become good surfers. Today, the Kovalam Surf Club has around 40 members and as a registered sports club, was the first official surf club in India.

Surf Tour:

First, it is crucial to come down here with an open, respectful and interested mind and just let yourself be caught by a flow that can only be found in India. Waves come and go, but the true beauty of India can be found at every street corner, so when the surf goes flat there`s no need to stress, just look around you and discover that there are plenty of other rides to enjoy.

All of their tours are custom-made, so tell them your agenda, budget, ocean skills & interests and they’ll work out your
once-in-a-lifetime trip that you’ll never forget!!!

Kite and Wind surfing Tour:

For sure India isn’t your standard kite –or windsurfing destination. But we can assure you that it can be windy as hell!

Luckily for the surfers, who need glassy conditions, the wind never kicks in before midday and normally dies down in the late afternoon. But this weather pattern also means that we can have the best of both worlds: glassy surf in the morning & windy sessions with your own kite –or windsurfing gear in the afternoon.

They also offer Experience India Tour which is a huge jackpot for the foreign travellers, to see india from within and as it is!

Monkey’s words:

Money is not a big deal to them, this place is for the travellers and seekers not for the tourists! So, If you your timings and Enjoyment matters, It’s better you don’t waste your time! Here, Interests and passion matters!

Contact Details:

Jelle Rigole, Founder / Surf Coach

Tel: (0032) 486020580 (Europe)

Ansan & Akash, Pro Surf Teachers / Surf Guides

Tel: (0091) 9048967765 (India)


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