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Bombay Sweets

Bombay Sweets

Famous for Chandrakala and Suryakala

Bombay Sweets

Bored of tasting the same old stuff? Would you like to `have a go’ at some of the delectable mouth-watering sweets? One place, which can be deemed fit to clear your culinary doubts is the Bombay sweets, Thanjavur. Though there are many sweet shops doing business in Tamilnadu very few live upto the standards.

::Bombay Sweets:: Thanjavoor:: Pattukottai::

Bombay Sweets, the famous destination for sweets, snacks and savouries in Thanjavur made a humble beginning in 1950. Its founder and patron Gurudayal Sharma, a Madhura native, started the first outlet in Railady, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. Read more..

BombaySweets Thanjavur “Chandrakala” “Suryakala”

Appointment with Bombay Sweets The Royal “Chandrakala” and The Majestic “Suryakala”

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