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Famous Jigarthanda

Famous Jigarthanda

Famous Jigarthanda, No.94. East Marret Street(Corner),Madurai -625001.
Phone : 9842116684, 9952766606, 9843054186

Welcome to the World of Famous Jigarthanda – The Taste Of Madurai.

Welcome to the world of Famous Jigarthanda. Here you can get all about your favourite Jigarthanda and their varieties available in Famous Jigarthanda,Madurai.

In search of Madurai Jigarthanda

Sheikh Abdul Qader is not an easy man to miss. For one, he runs the most famous jigarthanda store in Madurai, the rather immodestly (if obviously) named Famous Jigarthanda. Secondly, when this affable 50-year-old smiles, as he is wont to whenever he speaks, he reveals a mouth only partially filled with teeth, which are all on the left side.

Madurai’s “Famous Jigarthanda”.

Sema Taste Ma of Thenaalit Tv explores the uniqueness taste and receipe of “Famous Jigarthanda” of Madurai City.

Famous Jigarthanda drink of Madurai

If you are feeling quite hot – head out to the “Famous Jigarthanda”. The Jigarthanda drink out here is amazing. Jigarthanda – Jigar+Thanda literally means cooling the heart. This is very very popular summer drink in South India especially in Madurai, a town in Tamil Nadu state.

The legend of Jil Jil Jigarthanda

Madurai is a blessed town, and that’s not only because it has an agglomeration of temples. For a temple town, it also has some of the most delectable and viscerally satisfying food you’ll find in Tamil Nadu.

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